Family Photography

My Family Keeps Growing. So Happy I Have Photos To Keep The Old Memories Alive

Striking Photos That Draw Out Real Life Energy

Family photography can be pretty challenging and overwhelming, yet undoubtedly fun and exciting.

Family members’ rawness and emotions must glow through their facial expressions. The giggle of a toddler, a teenager smiling to get the photo session over with, and the pride on the parent’s face must be captured quickly.

As a family photographer, I find these sessions extremely gratifying, especially when it all comes together seamlessly, resulting in nothing short of impressive.

Let my camera at AEC Photography do all the work so you can preserve these wonderful family memories to share with them in years to come.

Artistic & Joyful
Capturing the Hearts of All

Family photoshoots can be challenging as babies, toddlers, and school-aged children may sometimes be in a different mood than you want.

Perhaps your newborn is hungry, or the siblings are mad at each other, which is quite common when getting them together.

Anastasia Elizabeth offers an environment conducive to everyone and knows how to remove stress without losing the fun and excitement. Achieving exceptional results is a passion and a goal to reach consistently.

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