8 Maternity Photoshoot Tips For Mom-to-Be

Should I Do a Maternity Shoot?

Maternity Photoshoot Tips To Help You Decide

What Week Is Best For Maternity Photos?

First, we are going to discuss the best time to have your maternity photos taken. But please note, this time frame is only an average since all women’s bodies react to pregnancy differently; therefore, different factors can influence this time frame.

Typically maternity photo sessions are done during the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. (between 28 and 36 weeks). The expectant mother is still feeling comfortable, and the baby bump has a beautiful round shape.

Before the seventh month of pregnancy, the baby bump may not be visible. After the eighth month, the mom may be feeling a little heavy since the baby may have started to move downward. At this time, mom may be getting a bit tired as well and anxious to give birth.

Pregnancy is a journey filled with excitement, joy, nausea, and nervousness. A mother must always listen to her own body. This is key when scheduling a maternity photoshoot and getting the most amazing results.

How Should I Dress For a Maternity Photo Shoot?

Maternity Photoshoot Tips For Mom-to-Be

As we continue to show you maternity photoshoot tips, now we will provide you with a few ideas as to how to dress for your maternity photoshoot. But again, please note, these are only basic recommendations. Since we are all different and unique, these ideas may not be for all.

Flowy vs. Fitted

Many women want to feel a little less revealing. In this case, a soft flowy dress would be beautiful. Others that choose to show off their wondrous pregnancy curves can opt to wear a tight fitted maternity dress. There is no right and wrong. It is just a matter of one’s choice.

How About a Maxi

Knee to floor-length maxi dresses is exceptionally flattering. The photographer can focus on the beautiful baby bump while hiding the areas the mother deems troublesome.

What Colors Are Best?

Solid colors are best since cameras can distort busy patterns. And after all, you do not want the design to take away you and your little baby bump. It is also recommended to stick with white or pastels. They are simple and stunning.

Seasonal Tips

Depending on the season, your choices may vary. In the spring and summer, white, light tans, soft yellow, and pink pastels would be perfect. In the fall and winter, you can stay with white and tans but change up the yellow and pink pastels to blues or greens.


Since pregnancy is such a pure time, makeup should be kept to a minimum. Apply just enough to bring out the stunning enhanced version of yourself. This will enable photos to capture you at the most beautiful time in your life. Dark eye makeup can be harsh. And for the nails, stick to white or very pale colors.

What to Bring To Your Maternity Photo Session

It is always recommended to speak with your photographer and get their recommendations first, but bringing two outfits should cover you. It will give you some variety, especially if one outfit is just not fitting the way you would like on the day of the shoot. So, think about bringing one casual and one dressy outfit. Remember, no matter what you choose, keep it neutral, natural, and try to avoid the crazy patterns.


No matter what you choose, from a maxi floor-length dress to an adorable little bikini, your photos must be unique to you and your personality. Remember, this will only happen with this new baby at this very time of your life. So make it the absolute best.

Now To Schedule Your Maternity Photoshoot

Now that we have provided you maternity photoshoot tips on the best time to schedule your maternity photo session and a few ideas of how to dress, the most important element which must not be overlooked is finding the right photographer.

You must choose a photographer who specializes in maternity photography, one who has strong technical skills and experience. Using the right background and lighting to get the right angles to flatter your baby bump, body and face are essential. Certain poses may be uncomfortable whereas, an experienced photographer can make you as comfortable as possible. Your photographer needs to be encouraging, positive, and helpful while making you feel like a beautiful and empowered new mom.

If you love these maternity photoshoot tips and are ready to schedule your maternity photoshoot to document your journey in the way of beautiful photos, please get in touch with me at Vivid Photography by Karima. It is my passion to work closely with my pregnant moms. As a new mother myself, I understand exactly what you are feeling and I want to be a part of this amazing journey with you.

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