Newborn Photography

Preserve These Precious Moments Before Long Gone And Forgotten

Framing The Pure Essence of New Life

Parenthood is simply fabulous, bringing excitement, nerves and many questions. It is a long journey with many steps along the way, both up and down. But what could be more gratifying?

As our journeys continue, they must start somewhere; for each of us, it’s birth. As we, of course, do not remember that particular time, our moms certainly do.

Do you find that as you browse old pictures of yourself, they bring back memories that otherwise may have gotten buried deep down in your heart? At some point, many forget those cherished moments until we have a trigger, a photo perhaps.

If you are not old enough to remember, Mom does. Bringing out those newborn photos of you can be fun to see and share with your new family to compare your new child’s look with yours.

A Love ...
I Never Knew Existed

Anastasia Elizabeth at AEC Photograpy would love to join your new beginning and provide you with the most cherished newborn photos.

For Anastasia, newborn photography is the art of capturing the most beautiful photographs of your new little one with elegance and grace.

As one never knows the mood of a newborn, during a photo shoot with AEC Photography, your newborn will be soothed and comforted throughout the entire session. This is vital to capture the absolute best newborn photos.

Newborn Photographer With a Soft Touch